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The Study of Unicorns

My younger brother is becoming one of those life long students. He has just finished a degree in music composition and now he is about to undertake another undergraduate degree in theology. Why he is not doing a Masters I have no idea, but then again he is doing his theology degree at “THE” Oxford University. I think he got all the academic brains in our family. unicorn

The other day he ran into one of his old Chemistry teachers from school. When he explained to him what his next degree was going to be in, his old chemistry teacher replied by saying, “the vast and ancient study of theology is the same as the study of unicorns”!

Obviously my brother was not too pleased with this comment, and for those who want me to translate that comment, it basically means as unicorns are not real, so to is God, so what is the point to study something that is not real.

I find it interesting that a science teacher would make such a comment. Any expert in science knows that nothing can be proved exactly. Everything in science is a theory or a probability. The only way science would laugh or dismiss a theory is if the probability is very unlikely. For example no-one has (to my knowledge) ever seen a unicorn or the effects of a unicorns existence, so the theory that unicorns exist is very unlikely. However, when it comes to God the theory is on the other end of the spectrum. Okay, so nobody may have exactly seen God is all his being, but the effects of God’s existence, the testimonies of millions of people who claim to have experienced God in their lives, the probability of this earth having a divine designer, the inability to disprove there is a God and the fact that this “theory” has lasted and is growing throughout the history of humanity leads me to think that the study of God is a little more viable than the study of unicorns.

The ironic side of this, is that this chemistry teacher endorses the study of other theories that have no weight behind them at all. If that chemistry teacher was an expert in his field then he would follow the theory with the highest probability. You don’t need to be an expert to know if the existence of God has a higher probability than the cosmic event of a random big bang!

Often we can live our lives just like this chemistry teacher. We can be so marrow minded and stubborn in our thinking that we become irrational in our thinking, in our doing and in our speaking. I am a believer that God exists. Not only that he exists but that he wants a relationship with everyone of us. I believe this is possible because God became flesh over 2000 years ago in the form of a man Jesus, who died for our sins and to pay the penalty for our wrong doings. I believe this because the math tells me this is the best probability. I also believe this because I am one of those millions who can testify that God has changed my life, the life of my friends, the life of my family and I now can see God at work in every part of my life. I see him at work in nature, I see him at work in the human body and I see him at work in the human soul!

Sorry Mr Chemistry Teacher, but you have just lost a lot of credibility because you made a statement that was not very scientific!


The Soul of Michael Jackson

This morning I can not help but think of what Michael Jackson’s life would have been like if he had never become famous. I wondered what would have happened to him if the Jackson Five had never been formed? What would have happened if the Thriller Album had flopped? E_MichaelJacksonIntro_325

I wonder this because Michael Jackson had the world at his feet. He was one of the most gifted entertainers this world has and will ever see. His songs have become timeless, his dance moves were the envy of us all. His fame reached the whole world and his fans became an army of followers. However, despite all the fame, fortune, incredible gifts and undying popularity, this man lived an unfulfilled life.

This is not some great revelation. It was obvious that this man had troubles. This man was lonely, this man was troubled and this man had lost his soul.

The bible tells us in Mark 8, ‘what benefit is it to someone who gains this whole world yet loses his own soul’. Jackson was a kid with everything, yet somewhere a long his journey of life he lost his very soul. The smiles disappeared, the loneliness grew and the troubles increased.

What if Jackson had never been discovered? I wonder if he would have ‘lost his soul’ or if he would have found his soul! We will never know. One thing I do know though is for all Jackson’s fame and fortune I would rather be happy, find my soul and know my life is fulfilled.

How about you?

Over Analyzing!

I remember back to the days when I was at school and college. I made sure I picked the courses that were mainly exams instead of coursework or written papers. Most people hate exams, but not me! I found that I actually excelled in exams and failed miserably when it came to writing a paper.

There may be various reasons for this, but the major reason I realized was that I usually found the first thing that came to my head was in fact the right thing to write down. However, when I thought too much about a particular issue or topic or paper I normally got confused and did not write good papers. In the exam room you have to right down the first thing that comes to your mind when answering questions, there is no time to think.

I have been reminded of this character trait this past week. I have for a while been considering undertaking a project that I am unsure whether I should pursue. Some days I want to tackle it head on, others days I do not want to go near it. I had prayed about it, and even felt God speak to me about it through scripture. If this decision was in an exam room I would have probably already be undertaking it by now. However, I started to think it over,  like I use to do with my papers, I analyzed this decision to the bone. I got books on the subject, I did character studies to see if my type of personality would be successful at this project and I found out every detail imaginable before I made a decision.

This for most people is the wise thing to do. However, for a small percentage of people, people like me this is the wrong thing to do. This past week my wife told me, I think you should stop reading those books, stop analyzing it (she is normally the analytical one not me) and pray, seek God. When you are then 100% sure it is right, go back to the books and the research to help you make it happen. So for once I am going to take my wife’s good advice.

I say all this to encourage you. If you are thinking about going into something new. If you are at a cross roads in your life; instead of burdening yourself with a hard decision. Ask God, seek God and make sure you hear from God. Know from the deepest place in your soul which road to take, then prepare yourself for the road ahead. If you look at what you need before you decide which way to go, very often you may make a decision that you were not destined to make.