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Lessons From Bootcamp – Part 5

Today is the final part of a five-part post about a leadership development boot camp I attended last week. This boot camp had an incredible impact on my life and I have been blogging about it all week. Below are links to the first four days:

Part 1 – God uses a variety of people

Part 2 – Get a coach and some mentors

Part 3- A vision must be God-Sized and needs time to grow

Part 4 – You can’t go it alone

….And here’s part 5:

5. Let People Speak Into Your Life

Last week I had the opportunity to meet an incredible group of people. These are people are DOING IT!! They are stepping out in faith and pursing what God has called them to do. It is amazing to feel the energy and the passion in a room full of people chasing a God-Sized vision.

At times in our lives we can go through various situations that can cloud our vision. We know the direction we are heading in and we know what God has called us to; but there are those times on the journey when we find ourselves with limited sight!

I have been through a few of these situations in my own life. I know the big picture, but then a fog descends and I can’t see the next step to take.

It is in these times that we need others to help us out. Last week some of my new friends were able to speak into my life about certain situations and give clear direction and great wisdom. They, being detached from the situation could see way more clearly than I could fighting down in the trenches of my own journey!

I realized last week the importance of allowing people to speak into your life. When we think we have all the answers we are on a fast track to self-destruction! When we realize we do not have all the answers we become open to allowing others to speak wisdom and guidance into our lives that has the potential to save our lives!

One last thought though. Be careful who you let speak into your life. Are they speaking for the long-term good of your life? Or are they thinking of a what is best for them? Do they have an understanding of what journey you are on?

So who is speaking into your life? The book of James tells us to be quick to listen! So today, open yourself up to someone who wants to help you get to where you are going!


Lessons From Bootcamp – Part 4

Today is part four of a five-part post regarding the impact a Leadership Development Bootcamp had on my life last week.

We have already discovered how God uses a variety of people, how we need a coach and some mentors and also how a vision needs to be God sized and given time to grow.

Today I want to focus on the people around you, so here’s part 4:

4. You Can’t Go it Alone

We all know there is no such person as Superman! Sometimes I wish I was Superman and sometimes I act like I think I’m Superman. You see I have a little problem that many Pastors and Leaders have. I think I can handle everything myself and do everything myself. The problem I have found is that if I try to do everything myself then I end up doing nothing!

Yesterday we talked about having God Sized visions. Well if your vision is God Sized then you are not equipped to pursue it by yourself.

Last week we did a few different personality tests. One particular test was called the DISC test. I won’t go into the details of the test but each letter stands for a type of personality and each personality is needed in a team and organization. I discovered last week I am a high ‘I’ and a pretty high ‘D’. I also have some ‘C’ in me but I have no ‘S’ what so ever. In layman’s terms, I have energy, direction, I like the details somewhat and I am a little impulsive, but without ‘S’ I am a little shallow and I don’t have the time for people as what I should.

I discovered more than anytime in my lifeĀ  last week that for me to pursue the God Sized vision I have that I need a lot of ‘S’ people, many ‘C’ people and a few ‘D’ people to come alongside me and partner with me on the way. Basically saying, I can’t do it alone!

You maybe pursuing this life all by yourself. If you do that you probably will not get very far. You need the help and partnership of others along the way. Don’t be a ‘Lone Ranger’! Western movies are not fashionable anymore and John Wayne characters will never get anywhere in the 21st century.

Who do you need to help you pursue your God Sized vision? Find them, invest in them and empower them! You may just be surprised one day to find that dream become a reality.

Lessons From Bootcamp – Part 3

Continuing in this weeks five-part post writing about the lessons and the things that impacted me last week at a leadership development boot camp I attended. Today is part three.

You can see part one by clicking here and part two by clicking here, but today I want to focus on something we all follow – Vision!

Part 3 – A Vision Must be God Sized & Have Time To Grow

Who would follow a vision that is easy to attain? Someone who does not have much ambition! If you want to be part of something that is meaningful and life changing then you must start to follow a God Sized vision.

A God Sized vision is one that you can not achieve by yourself, or even with the help of a few team members. A God Sized vision is a dream that you will need divine intervention to see come to pass. The reason this is a must is because when we see a vision that we can achieve by ourselves then we start to get in the way. We have the potential to become proud, we have the ability to start dictating the way and we start to rely on our own strength. If your vision is God Sized then you know you have to get out-of-the-way and rely on God to intervene! The people who often have God Sized visions see them come to pass, the people who have man-sized visions often struggle to get anywhere near them!

I want to help and follow people who have God Sized visions. I don’t want to waste my time striving to achieve something that will not have a huge effect! God Sized visions are effective and life changing!

While we are talking about visions, if you are like me you are impatient and want to see it come to pass as quick as possible. However, one thing I have learned is that a vision needs time to grow and form before you give birth to it! Let me explain! The life of a baby begins the moment it is conceived in the womb. However, it take nine months for the baby, which is already alive to grow and form so that the moment the birth occurs it can survive and grow. The longer the pregnancy the quicker growth occurs after birth.

If God has given you a vision or a dream then let it form and grow in your life before you give birth to it. The longer you let it form in your life, the better chance it has to grow into what you have envisioned!