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Goals of 2009 – Part 3

This week I am blogging about the goals I set myself for 2009 and how they have changed my life. Today I am writing about goals 3 & 4. To see why I set goals for 2009 click here and to view the post about the first two goals I set click here.

The first two goals I set myself for 2009 were more for professional development. The next two goals I set myself for 2009 were for personal growth and development. So here they are:

Goal 3: To lose 20 pounds of weight!

I remember looking at myself in the mirror at the end of 2008 and realizing I was 20 pounds overweight. Not only was I overweight but I realized that I had some minor health issues due to some excess poundage. Also I did not have the energy necessary to be fully productive in my life and I had some clothes in my wardrobe that were leaning towards the XL sign on the label!

My wife, Raquel and I decided this was going to be the year we got healthy. We first started out by watching our calorie in take. Then we made veggies, salads and fish a regular part of our diet, then we made an investment that changed our lives! No it wasn’t the ‘Total Gym’ but something even better! We bought a Wii Fit! Yes, you heard me, a Wii Fit! This little baby worked just the trick. I was 193 pounds back in January and before this Christmas season I was 160 pounds!

As a result I discovered energy I thought was never possible. I found losing weight had a tremendous impact on your spiritual life (a whole new meaning to being a temple of the Holy Spirit), I did not get very sick and I was able to look at myself in the mirror again without a look of disgust!

Goal 4: To follow-up on Facebook, Twitter and Email better

This one is still a work in progress. I have never been a great, ‘follow upper!’ However, I believe I am better today than I was one year ago. The reason for this was a little more intentionality on taking time each day to make sure I replied to messages and emails. Even though I still have a long way to go! After the Wii Fit the second best investment I made this year was the purchase of a new ‘super’ phone. I had a PDA phone before but this new phone allowed me to do everything I could do in the office at my finger tips! I still have a long way to go, but with the gift of technology I am improving.

Tomorrow, I will write about the final goal I set myself for 2009. This is a goal that seemed a far off dream, but has become a reality as I have watched as God has opened some impossible doors!


Goals of 2009 – Part 2

This week I am blogging about the goals I set myself for 2009. Yesterday I gave the reasons why I set myself some goals and how they have had a huge impact on my life. For the rest of the week I want to share with you the actual five goals I set myself, how I achieved them and also how they impacted my life this year. So today is goals number one and two. These were goals that would help me in my professional life:

Goal 1: Read at least 12 books throughout 2009.

So some of you are thinking that isn’t much of a goal! Well, maybe not for you, but I have never been a reader. I went through my whole college experience without reading one book, and I graduated! I think that is a bit of an achievement considering degrees are supposed to be about lots of reading!

My aim was to read six books that would help me in areas of weakness in my professional work and six books that would help me go to another level in my personal life and areas where I am strong in my professional life. Well, go figure, I smashed this goal my the end of February! I became a book-worm in 2009 and have read a little over 45 books this year! However, it wasn’t about the number of books that I read,  but the types of books. I chose authors who lives I respected. People who had gone down the path my life was heading and had achieved great things. I wanted to learn from the best. Yes there were some books that I was disappointed in, but others blew my mind. This goal gave me insight into ways of thinking I have never thought before. It gave me necessary materials and also advice I would have never sort. Reading is now one of my favorite things to do. Not because it is so fun, but because I get to spend several hours (depending on the size of the book!) having a one on one with some of the best leaders, thinkers, Pastors and innovators who have ever lived!

Goal 2: Write a book!

So I have a confession to make! I didn’t actually achieve this goal. I wrote an introduction and hated it! However, the purpose behind this goal was achieved. I wanted to write a book to help me with my communication skills. I realize that the one area of my life with the most potential is with my verbal communication (not saying I am the greatest speaker, but I believe there is possible potential there). The problem with most verbal communicators is that they don’t know when to stop! They talk too much! I realized that if I could start to write and try to condense what I wanted to say verbally into written format that it would teach me to say things in a more clear and concise way.

Instead of writing a book, on April 1st 2009 I started a little blog about life called Well, here I am seven months later having written 108 posts, some good, some very bad! I believe I am starting to say things in a more clear and thoughtful way, still trying to condense what I say though. This blog has helped me to process how I say things verbally. I have found blogging to be very liberating, testing and incredibly rewarding. However, it has helped, and will continue to help me become a better speaker, thinker and I pray a better pastor!  I do not think I will be writing a book in 2010!

Goals of 2009 – Part 1

This time last year I started to evaluate my life in a way that I had never done before. I was on staff at a growing church, had an incredible marriage and had many great friends. However, something deep down inside me cried out in a voice of  dis-contentment. I was unfulfilled and unsatisfied with my life but could quite put a finger on what it was.

As I began to evaluate my life I realized that God was leading me to start to walk the path he prepared me to walk before I was ever created, it was time to walk into my God-given destiny. The only problem was that I was unsure of which path to take. I knew God wanted me to go on a journey of discovery and there were certain areas of my life which needed more focus if I was to successfully walk on this path of destiny.

In January 2009 for the first time in my life I decided to set myself goals. These weren’t resolutions, but goals for the year that would either prepare me to walk into this God-given destiny or help me actually start walking it.

I set five goals that I knew I had to be intentional about which would help align my life to be ready to live a life of purpose and significance. Four of these goals were areas of my life I recognized were areas of weakness or neglect. The fifth goal was one of those strange thoughts that I couldn’t get out of my head but never thought it would be a realistic goal. However, I am here today in the last week of 2009 having attained all the goals I set one year ago. I am setting myself five goals for 2010, these goals are going to be a little different from my 2009 goals, but I believe they will help me live out the life God planned and designed for me to live. I’ll share these goals next year, but as I look back on the most interesting, difficult and also fulfilling year of my life I want to share with you my 2009 goals.

Over the next three days I am going to blog what these goals were and how I managed to attain them. Some of them were easier than others, but I know as a result of keeping these goals in my focus throughout 2009 I enter into 2010 a much more equipped, prepared and fulfilled person than the one who said goodbye to 2008!

What goals did you set in 2009? Did you fulfill them? Are you setting goals for 2010?