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Pre-Conceived Ideas – Part 3

This week I have been blogging about pre-conceived ideas with have about God, faith and Christianity. To view post one click here and to view post two click here.

Today is the final part, so here goes:

Idea # 3

We have to get ourselves right with God

This one is probably the most popular pre-conceived idea. Many of us feel that we need to get our lives right with God. What I mean by getting right with God is getting rid of the ugly stuff that either goes on inside our minds or the ugly stuff we find ourselves acting out once in while (or some of us three or four times in a while).

This is also probably the hardest pre-conceived idea to put straight. How often have you thought, ‘well if I just clean up my act, or if I could just get rid of this one thing in my life then I’ll have a better relationship with God and I’ll experience God more”?

For some people they think they have gone too far to ever be right with God so they just turn away from Him embracing the very thing they have struggled with for so many years.

Well all that is a complete lie! I want to tell you today that there is nothing you can do to get right with God. Even if you clean up your act you’ll still be as far away from God as the biggest sinner! The great news though is that none of us have gone too far to be right with God!

Let me explain. In Philippians 3:8-11 Paul tells the church in Philippi that the only way to be right with God is to just believe in him and then have faith that he can change you.

You see it is not you who makes you right with God, it is God and God only, and all you have to do is let Him do it!

In Ephesians 2:8 we are told that it is only by Grace we are saved, and that Grace is a gift from God. So today, do you take the gift God is giving you? Are you prepared to let God make you right and start working in your life?

If you want to know God, experience God and take away that heavy weight of trying to be a somebody then let go and let God transform you, all you need is to believe he can do it, that’s faith!


Pre-Conceived Ideas – Part 2

This week I’m blogging about some of our pre-conceived ideas about God, faith and Christianity. You can see part one here.

Idea # 2

You have to work in a certain way to be a somebody for God

So often we think we need to go through a certain process to enable God to use us. We tell people that unless they go through membership they can’t be a somebody in the church. We tell those who feel called to a vocation in ministry that they must go through a long (and expensive) process of schooling before they can get the required certificates needed. We tell others they must first be servants so we give them roles that a fifth grader can do and inform them that it’s all about serving in the little things. Then we demand a certain lifestyle all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Well some of those things are valid, I suppose, yet most of them are not biblical and are man’s processes not God’s journey.

The apostle Paul lays it out in Philippians 3:2-7. He said he thought because he was a pure blooded Jew, because he went through the Pharisee ‘process’ and because he lived by the letter of the law of God that that would make him a somebody! Then Paul met Jesus and soon found out that Jesus isn’t impressed with all that, he was only impressed with the heart of Paul. Paul realized that day the things he once thought we valuable and essential were in fact worthless.

What man-made process are you going through in order to be a somebody for God?

Often mans process which once was put there to help Gods process becomes the center stage. Listen! God is not impressed with degrees, with courses, with living by the letter of the law and by all the things that man likes. God is only pleased when you surrender your heart totally to him. Then and only then can you be a somebody for God.

Pre-Conceived Ideas – Part 1

Yesterday I shared with our launch team some truths that come out of Philippians chapter 3. I think they are so important to us that I wanted to share them on a wider scale.

Many of us have pre-conceived ideas about people, places and things. Pre-conceived ideas are just part of our make-up, but very often can restrict us experiencing everything God has for our lives.

If you’re to be honest, you probably have many pre-conceived ideas about God, faith and the whole Christianity thing. Below are three pre-conceived ideas that so many believe but are just plainly not true:

Idea # 1

Your circumstances reveal what your relationship with God is like

Let’s be honest, if someone is doing well in life, we often think it’s because God is blessing them, and if someone is struggling it is because they are either not right with God or God is testing them!

What a load of rubbish! Yes there are times of blessing and times of testing, but most of the time your circumstances are separate from your relationship with God.

Check out Matthew 5:45. The sun shines on the good and bad, the rain also pours on the just and unjust! Our relationship with God doesn’t dictate how the events in life often turn out. This is good news for some of you, because you have been feeling that God is angry with you or God just doesn’t care because you have been going through “hell”. Not true, rain is a part of life, so is the sunshine.

Therefore, knowing this, we are told in Philippians 3:1 to keep rejoicing in God no matter what you go through for God has given you life, he has created you for greatness, your destiny is in His hands and he is right by your side. Rejoice that you have grace, that Christ has called you by name and you have the opportunity to be part of His family.

Don’t let your circumstances take the joy of living for God! Remember it rains on everybody!

Check in on Wednesday for pre-conceived idea number 2.