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Home Run Balls

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. It’s part of life! The problem about these curve balls is that it is normally very hard to see them coming.

If you have lived long enough you know you’ve had your fair share of curve balls. The times when something happens that you did not anticipate.

Most people panic when the curve ball is thrown. Not that they are always difficult to deal with, but they throw us of balance and put our plans out of sorts.

The disciples were thrown a curve ball by Mother Nature when they went fishing one evening. They expected a calm evening of fishing, plus Jesus the man they had seen perform the impossible was with them, what could go wrong.

However, that calm evening was turned on its head in the matter of minutes as a storm sweep over the sea. This storm was so bad, even the seasoned fisherman got scared. They suddenly were in out of control territory and to top it off, Jesus had disappeared down to the lowest part of the boat and was sleeping. They had a choice, roll with it, or let it overcome them. The disciples chose the later.

The story finishes with Jesus awaking, without even a moment of panic he spoke to the waves, and the storm passed.

So often when a curve ball comes we become defeatists and look at the negatives. However, one thing I have come to realize is that the curve ball is often the best ball to hit a home run off. When it is thrown you have a choice? Panic or look for the opportunity to hit the home run.

The disciples had a choice, panic or use the storm as an opportunity to watch God perform a miracle.

Next time life throws you a curve ball don’t panic, see it as an opportunity. It may be that God is throwing you a home run ball!


The Creative Story of the Cross

Do you ever have those moments when you read something and it just instantly changes your whole life?

I think I may have had one of those experiences the other day. I was reading a passage in the bible that let’s just say, I’ve read a thousand times. However, this time was different. I read something that I know to be true, yet for some reason it hit me like a bolt of lightening.

The scripture was 1 Corinthians 1:17. “For Christ didn’t send me to baptize, but to preach the Good News—and not with clever speech, for fear that the cross of Christ would lose its power.”

I love anything creative. I love it when people put a spin on things and they strive to be different. I think God created us as creative people and when we stop being creative we stop being who God designed us to be. However, the cross of Jesus Christ is so creative and powerful that if we try to get creative, power will be taken away from it.

A few years ago at Catalyst, Franklin Graham (son of Billy) spoke how he never saw anyone really responding to his presentation of the Gospel. One day he delivered a different kind of message. This time he just spoke the facts about Jesus Christ and let the cross speak for itself. He tells how suddenly people started to respond to the message, since then he has seen thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ, be radically changed by the message and receive the life we so desperately crave!

I’ve decided I am going to be as creative as I can in ministry, except one area. That is when it comes to preaching about the cross, the life and the death of Jesus Christ. It is a message that doesn’t need our help, it is a message that brings life and a message that require us to tell it as it is!

If it has transformed lives before, if it transformed my life, then it can certainly transform your life today. It’s all about the power of the cross!

10 Lessons on VISION

For any leader there is one thing that is essential above everything else, that is VISION.

There are all types of leaders, those who are shepherds, those who are systems people and those who are visionaries. However, vision is not just something visionaries should possess. Vision is a piece of fabric every leader has to wear.

 Proverbs 29:18 tells us that without vision people will be lost and eventually people will run wild. A leader without vision is a leader struggling to manage a group of unfocused people.

 Over the past several months I have learned a lot about vision. These are just a few below:

  1. Vision is not a dream – a dream can turn into a vision, but a dream is private and imagined. A vision is public and is displayed for all to see.
  2. Clouds can block our vision, but wait long enough and the wind will blow those clouds and once again reveal the vision.
  3. Vision cannot be seen if you close your eyes. Open eyes and vision go hand in hand.
  4. A vision is not something one person has and everyone follows. A vision is something one person sees and then that person helps everyone to adjust their eyes to see the same things.
  5. A vision is always in front of you, never behind.
  6. A vision is not complicated, it is clear.
  7. A vision always brings light not darkness to an organization.
  8. If others can’t see it, maybe it’s not a vision; maybe it’s still a dream! (If the dream is from God, pursue it and one day it will become a vision).
  9. Without vision we become blind and the people in our organization will constantly bump into each other.
  10. It is easy for focus to change, so vision requires regular monitoring and refocusing.

What other lessons have you learned about vision in your organization, church or family?