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Complete Silence

Do you like times of complete silence or do you need the constant sound of background noise?

I’m a background noise kind of guy! When I’m driving in the car I need the radio on, when I’m sitting at home I need either the TV on or some kind of music playing and even when I’m taking a nap I like some kind of quiet background noise (Golf on the TV does the trick for me, and I’m an big golfer!).

This preference of mine is never a problem except until God decides to be silent when I want him to speak. Have you noticed how God speaks when you’re not excepting him to, and when you want him to talk he remains silent? Maybe, maybe not, but that is usually how it goes for me.

So about three weeks ago the location we had planned (and signed a rental agreement!) to launch Generation Church in fell through. To be honest I wasn’t entirely upset. I was never comfortable with the space and knew that this must be a God thing. However, since then it has seemed like God has gone silent. I was fully expecting God to quickly open a new door and for us to move forward. However, that hasn’t happened. In fact I really want to start panicking as the lack of noise from heaven is too uncomfortable for me.

However, it is in times like this I know that God is causing us to be still. In the fact King David in one of his Psalms said to be still and know that God is God. This is difficult for me! What makes it worse is that there are a few options out there we are pursuing, but what I have discovered about rentals and also real estate is that there is a lot of waiting and times of complete silence. I think this is exactly how God works at times!

I just want to press on and keep things rolling, God on the other hand wants me to sometimes to sit back, reflect and allow him to move when his timing is right. The ironic thing is that this is a lesson that is taking me a very long time to learn.

What situation in your life is God requiring you to sit back, reflect and allow God to go about his work in his time?


Generation Fun Night

I am so excited to be able to announce that the start of Generation Church is almost here.

On Friday July 9th at 7pm we are having a fun family night for all your friends and families. The main attraction is a root beer keg and a competition of root beer pong. But that isn’t just it. We lots of food, lots of games (such as Flip Cup, Quarters, Corn Hole and volleyball) and lots of new people to meet!

If you would like to join us below are the details:

Date: Friday, July 9th 2010

Time: 7pm

Location: The Lathroum’s House, 1907 Rencos Way, Forest Hill, MD 21050

For more information or directions please email or call 410.836.7335

5 Lessons of Church Planting – Part 5

This week I am blogging about five lessons I have learned on the journey of starting a new church. I believe these five lessons are ones that every church planter will face no matter what their unique situation is. You can see the introduction and part one here, part two here, part three here and part four here.

Today is lesson number five:

5. You can’t do it alone, but you may have to carry the burden alone

Church Planting is not an individual effort, it requires a team! A team of people who will pray, people who will give and people who will come alongside you and give of their own lives to make it happen. Also it requires that your family are totally on board and contributing.

So many Pastors do not include their spouse or children within the decision-making process of the church, yet what I have experienced is that God does not call an individual, but he calls a family. Church Planting is not only stressful for an individual, but it puts a tremendous stress on a marriage and a family. Those families who plant as a team or more likely to succeed than those who just have families who agree to planting a church.

However, while it is impossible to do this without a team there is one thing a church planter will not be able to spread, that is the burden of the church and God’s vision for the church. While people can support and help, there is a weight that bares down on every church planter, this weight is non-transferable, it is hard to explain and it can almost be unbearable at times. This is why having a team is so important, because there are things others can do, there are tasks you can delegate and there are areas others are more equipped to deal with, but as for that invisible burden, you are on your own!

So do you have what it takes to plant a church? If God calls you, you do!