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Life on a Cross!

I’ve been thinking about Mark 10:21 a lot lately!

This is the scripture where Jesus tells the people to sell all their possessions, give it to the poor and then for them to take up their cross and follow him.

The cross is an interesting term to use. We know it as the piece of equipment used to kill Jesus. However, when Jesus said this the people only knew of a cross as the way the Romans killed the worst criminals. The criminal would have to carry the very instrument that would kill him all the way to the place of the crucifixion. People would spit on them, the soldiers would beat them and they basically would be humiliated, all as a punishment for what they did. The cross was a place of death!

So Jesus tells us we are to take up our cross. He doesn’t say pick up his cross, or the Roman cross, or another persons cross, he says YOUR cross.

What does this mean? Well it means we are to spend our lives giving up our lives to follow him. Not physical death, but a death to self. You see Jesus knew that selfishness destroys lives. Jesus was asking us to die to all the things that kills our soul and our spirit. Things like pride, selfishness, envy, selfish ambition etc.

The only way for you to find real fulfilling live was the kill the very thing inside of you that is trying to destroy you!

So many see Mark 10:21 as a negative! It’s not negative at all; it’s the most positive thing I believe you can do for your life! Humility is a life-saver; selflessness is a life-giver, celebrating others success is a life-preserver, Godly ambition is a life-provider.

So over the last couple of weeks I have been waking up every morning thinking about what I need to do that day to take up my cross and follow Jesus. Each day the cross may look a little different, but the common denominator is that everyday they are my own crosses and I am the only one who can pick them up and follow Christ!

If you desire life, then today take up YOUR cross and follow Christ. It’s the only way you’ll find, gain and receive life!


The ‘WHY?’ Question

Have you ever asked the question, why do bad things happen to good people?

If not, then you must have a heart of ice! I ask this a lot, and the closer I get in my relationship with God I ask it even more.

Solomon had some pretty wise answers to this question. He basically said that’s life! Sometimes life is good, sometimes it’s bad!

However, there are times when the bad is for our own good. I’m not saying this is in every situation in our lives, but there are times when God allows the bad the make room for the good.

In Acts 8 we see the early church has boomed to mega proportions. Over 10,000 people in the area around Jerusalem are now part of the church. People are being healed, lives are being changed and a community is being transformed. Yet in the midst of all this the people in the church start to get persecuted. This isn’t your name calling, laugh behind your back persecution; this is chop your head off, beat you until every bone is broken persecution.

Most people would not understand this treatment, and I bet the people in Jerusalem didn’t understand.

However, we are told that because of the persecution the church in Jerusalem started to move into other areas around Judah, Samaria and other regions near Jerusalem. As the church moved out, more lives were changed and transformed. In fact due to the persecution in Jerusalem church became a greater force and this set up the pathway to reach in Europe and subsequently the whole world.

Imagine what would have happened if the church had not had received persecution? They probably would have stayed in Jerusalem, transformed a community but left behind a world that was unreached and untouched.

Maybe you’re going through some stuff at the moment and all you can do is ask God, WHY? I don’t have the why answer, but I do know he is in control, and maybe just maybe, he is using this ‘why’ situation to push through something so incredible you would have never believed it if he told you!

Financially Secure!

There are some days when I just can’t get over how financially blessed I am!

Now don’t go thinking I’m loaded or anything like that, because I’m not. In fact at this point in my life I’m probably earning less than I was 10 years ago!

Some months are pretty tight, yet I know God is blessing me more than I have ever seen in my life! I just wish others would be able to know this freedom of financial blessing!

Now if you haven’t closed this page down already, let me explain! You are probably thinking I’m another preacher going on about money! Well, I’m not but money is such an important issue in all of our lives that sometimes it just needs to be addressed.

The reason I am so financially blessed is because I have discovered the secret to money! The secret is this: All my money doesn’t belong to me, it’s God’s and he decides what I should do with that money.

If you’ve been in church long enough, you’ve probably heard enough preachers talking about money! You’ve probably heard someone say that the first 10% belongs to the Lord, and you’ve probably heard some preacher put the guilt trip on, as to why they need another $100,000 to help with their ‘vision project’!

However, the first ten doesn’t belong to the Lord, all of it does!  The reason I can say this is because all that God has given me is his, and my life, as well as my wallet is his. Yes, I have had to make a few personal sacrifices, but today I am so blessed!

When you do not hold back from God, he really does supply all of your needs! This year my wife & I set a goal, to live off 60% of our income. 20% went to the taxman (boo!!!!) and 20% went to the Lord. In a year when we earned less as a married couple than we ever had, we have given more than we ever had, the result, more blessings and financial security than you could ever imagine!

The reason I’m telling you this is not to gloat! Trust me, sometimes it’s hard to write that ‘tithe’ check, but the reason is because if you think you can’t afford to give, if you believe that only 10% is the Lords (if that for some of you) then you are withholding yourself from all that God has for you. If you give unto him, he will give back in ways that will make you smile, laugh and shout for joy!

So make a life adjustment today. Become an extravagant, generous giver and watch how God will take care of all your needs, just as he has promised!