Monthly Archives: September 2010

A Little Perspective

Sometimes in life we can lose perspective very quickly.

I think living in the USA causes people to lose perspective quicker than most other people around the world.

The constant bombardment of being better, bigger, more successful, richer, more educated, more secure, more in control and so forth leaves the majority of people very discontent with their life.

Let’s be honest for a moment. We are the most blessed people not just in the world today, but in the history of this world! No-one else has ever had so much. No-one has ever lacked so little. No-one has ever had a greater today, with an even brighter tomorrow.

However, there is something about living in the USA that causes people to be complainers! I find that the more blessed people seem to be the more they complain.

  • The mother who has been so blessed to actually have a child, complains that she doesn’t have time for herself while 7.3 million women in the USA alone would love to just one day hold a child they can call their own.
  • The businessman who complains that his job is too stressful yet brings home more in one year that his grandfather did in a lifetime.
  •  The school kid who complains that they have to get up for free school while their reading level at age 8 is more advanced than the majority of the worlds adults.
  • The young girl who complains that the water out of the tap doesn’t taste like bottled water while 2/3 of the worlds people can’t even get a glass of clean drinking water each day.
  • The family who complains that they can’t afford to take their family out for a steak dinner at Outback on Friday night, while 100,000 will die today because of starvation.
  • The young professional who complains that he has to wait two weeks before he can see his doctor while millions die from the lack of basic medicine that we can get over the counter 24/7.

So today, as you go about your business, if you feel the urge to complain about something, please remember that God has blessed you beyond anything you ever deserve. Get a little perspective, and then thank God that you have the privilege to live a life that could only be a dream to the majority of people in this world!


A Night Without Stars

On Saturday night I stood by our glass doors which lead out to our deck and just watched the stars for about 30 minutes.

In that short moment I had an epiphany of how God so often works.

As I looked out at the stars I could so only one or two glistening in the night sky. It was one of those sad moments when you expect to see a sky full of bright stars only to be disappointed by the lackluster turnout.

This made me think of all those people who have ever received a promise from God only to be disappointed by the result. How many times have people dreamed of incredible things, only to find out there was nothing special on the horizon.

However, as I looked at the stars more and more I realized it wasn’t a lackluster turnout, if fact it was a huge turnout. There were thousands of stars that came out that night. The only problem was that my surroundings were blocking my view of a wonderful starry night.

In 1 Peter 3:9 we are told that God isn’t being slow with His promise with you, but he is being patient for your own sake. So often we look up expecting to see the promise of God immediately. However, for our own sake God doesn’t give the promise straight away. Sometimes, we have to turn down the lights, even get away from all the noise and look up once again. The blank sky will be filled with an abundance of promises.

So maybe you don’t see God’s promise fulfilled in your life. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means that maybe it’s time to turn out the lights and turn down the noise. Remember he isn’t slow, but he is patient for your own sake!

An Ordinary Weekend!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

Maybe it’s to get that unfinished project completed. Maybe it’s cleaning the house. Maybe it’s going on a day trip or going out shopping. For some of you it will consist of taking the kids out or looking after the grandchildren. Many will be watching the NFL or a few of us nerds will be watching the climate to the Fed Ex Cup (Golf for you people out of the loop!).

However, when Monday rolls around will this weekend stick out as one to be remembered when you evaluate your life?

Most people this weekend will experience two days of average, two days of ordinary and two days filled with normal schedules.

But what if! What if this weekend was two days full of life change, two days full of the unexpected, two days of incredible experiences, two days when you connected with something way more than anything you have ever experienced in this life!

My dream for this weekend is that it will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. A weekend when an ordinary person connects with an extra-ordinary God. A weekend when you experience life-change, a weekend where you will know what it means to be free, a weekend where you will know the liberty of walking into the light! That is my dream for you this weekend.

That’s my dream, my prayer though is that Monday morning as you go back to your ordinary life, that it will no longer be ordinary. My prayer is that your life this weekend will be so impacted by an encounter with Jesus Christ, that your ordinary life will no longer contain the excitement of experiencing an extra-ordinary God!