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Should Christians Partake in Halloween?

If you’ve been under a rock for the last month then you’ll like to know that this week is Halloween.

Growing up we never did anything for Halloween. In fact we didn’t even open the door when the kids rang on the bell (looking back now, that was pretty rude!) let alone be allowed to go out to trick or treat for ourselves.

As the years have gone by it seems that Halloween has become a huge monster (no pun intended, well a little pun intended!). It’s a multi-million dollar industry and is not going to lose speed. People love the candy, like to dress up (this one always puzzles me!), and for some reason seem to think it is ok to watch the lamest movies if all time. I even watched Gremlins the other day, and really that movie is so lame!

Many churches are now embracing Halloween. They have their Trunk or Treat, their Fall Harvest Parties, their Alternative Halloween party and what ever they may call it. Yet there is still a segment of the church world that is totally anti Halloween. Any giving out of candy or dressing up is the ultimate sin!

So in a world that loves Halloween and where the church is either pro or anti, what is the right answer! I mean is Halloween really sinful, or is it just harmless fun?

I think for me I’m saddened when I look at Facebook or Twitter and find people commenting their views in such a militant kind of way, or see Christians acting just like everyone else in the world.

As a church we have been called to be a light in the darkness. In fact doesn’t the bible say we are in this world but do not belong to this world! I think so many in the church have gone from being in this world, to being of the world. I’ll be honest, I have no problem with people trick or treating, dressing up, handing out candies and watching scary movies, but I do have a problem when we switch the light that has been given to us through Jesus Christ off and stand and watch this world fighting through the darkness. This isn’t a Halloween issue, this is a 365 days a year issue.

What separates you from the family down the street? The fact that you go to church? That isn’t what Jesus talked about when he called you a light! Halloween just shows me how dark this world really is, which means we need to shine even brighter so that people will not be lost in a dark dying world.

However, this doesn’t mean bashing people who ‘celebrate’ Halloween. It doesn’t mean judging people who ‘celebrate’ Halloween, it is doesn’t mean locking yourself (and your kids) away so that they will not be corrupted by this world!

I’m a huge believer in being known what you are for instead of what you are against! Yes, as Christians we have to make a stand, but no-one will hear our stand unless they see our heart! Bashing Halloween is not a way for people to see your heart, nor is it a way for your light to shine!

Not one person ever found Christ through us not answering the door at Halloween, not one person ever found Christ through sheltering your kids, not one person ever found Christ through hiding your light and not one person ever found Christ through you imitating what this world does.

I believe there is no greater time than this for your light to shine, but you have to be in the darkness for your light to shine bright!


You’re A Masterpiece!

I’m so excited about the series Generation Church is going through at the moment!

On Sunday we started a five week series called, ‘The Whole You’. This series based on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus.

Did you know that God not only has a huge master plan for this universe, but you are in fact right at the center of this plan? God created you, formed you, gave you just enough Y chromosomes and just enough X chromosomes to be exactly who you are?

So many times we doubt ourselves. We look in the mirror and do not like what we see. Yet God created you exactly how you are because that is the only way His plan for your life would work out. He gave you gifts and abilities that are essential to carry out His plan for your life.

Not to give away what we will be talking about on Sunday, but it amazes me that God didn’t just have a plan for me, but He in fact chose me, and His choice resulted in being part of His family!

This means I get all the privileges of being a son! The biggest privilege is that I don’t need a priest to talk to God on my behalf, but I can in fact have direct access anytime of the day, or for any reason go straight to the God of this universe!

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and see all the faults, all the failures, all the inabilities, all the insecurities. Yet when I read Ephesians I can not help but come away and know that when God looks at me he sees a MASTERPIECE! An outstanding creative work that was designed perfectly for God’s purposes!

I’m not the only one either; actually you also are a MASTERPIECE! You are a wonderfully complex piece of workmanship that God is so proud of creating. On top of that, he is able to do through you more than you ever dreamed you could do!

So next time you look in the mirror, look knowing that you are a masterpiece who has been designed of a specific plan, a plan that will one day blow your mind! 

Rant about Greed

Sometimes I just want to rant! Do you ever get that feeling? There is something you hear, something you read or something you see that just plainly gets you mad!


Well I have those days! I think today is one of those days! I didn’t see, hear or read anything today that made me feel like that, but I did start to think about some events that happened last week!


The main one was to do with the best player on the football (soccer) team I support, Manchester United. His name is Wayne Rooney and it was revealed last week that he didn’t want to sign a contract extension with the team because in his words they were not ambitious enough! Well, the fact that he also wanted $360K a week which they refused also helped his decision a little. They put a huge contract offer on the table, but he wanted more. Well, after a week of he said that, they said this, another offer was put on the table which was more than their previous contract and he accepted.


This got me so mad! The reason for this was plain and simple, this man (despite how talented he is) was just plain greedy! However, instead of just coming out saying he wanted more money he made up some story of the club not being ambitious. Why couldn’t he just be honest and tell the world that, yes he wanted more money?


It wasn’t his greed that got me, it was the fact that he tried to justify his greed!


I think so many of us do this in our lives! Maybe it’s not greed, but it’s probably selfishness. We make selfish decisions, do things that just benefit us and then we try to hide it behind an excuse!


Imagine a world where people actually gave us the real reason why they made a decision. Imagine the sports star who actually admitted to wanting more money. Imagine the employer who admits to firing an employee because they are intimidated by their talents or influence. Imagine the spouse who admits they want to spend all the money just on their hobbies. Imagine a world where the student admits they weren’t really sick and in fact went to the movies instead of school. Imagine a world where the man admits he doesn’t tithe because he is scared that God won’t provide. Imagine the world where the car dealer actually admits he sold you a lemon. Imagine a world where the family actually admits they don’t want to get involved at church because they are no longer passionate about the church. Imagine a world where people actual give us the real reason for their actions!


This isn’t a world we really like to imagine; this is because we live in a dark world and just the thought of letting our real feelings and motives behind our actions come out into the light is enough to scare the death out of us!


However, instead of imagining a world where everyone offends everyone else with their real feelings or emotions; I wondered if we imagined a world where people actually stopped to think why they do not tell the truth. If they just thought through their emotions, feelings and motives. If people actually stopped and thought, if I don’t want people to know the real reason for my actions, then maybe I shouldn’t be taking those actions in the first place. I wonder, just wonder if then we would create an environment where it is so much less greedy, less selfish and there would be a whole lot less people with hurts caused by others.


Okay, now the rant is finished, I think I can get on with my day! 🙂