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Highs & Lows of 2010 – Part 3

As we continue in this weeks blog looking at the life lessons I discover through the highs and low of 2010, here is part 3:

  1. What God has planned will come to pass!

On September 19th 2010 Generation Church was birthed. It had been a journey of around 18 months and on this day we saw the reality of what seemed only like a dream.

The biggest problem with dreams is that they are full of fantasy. Rarely do dreams actually turn out the way we dream them. Generation Church was no different. I spent nights lying in bed at night wondering what our launch service would be like. I imagined hundreds of people coming through the doors, putting extra chairs out, running out of room, people choosing to live their lives for Jesus Christ, then August 22nd happened!

I look back on August 22nd as one of the biggest highs of the year, yet at 10:30am on that Sunday morning it seemed anything but a high. August 22nd was the day of our second preview service. Our first one had attracted over 60 people and I was hopefully of a half decent crowd. Yet at 10:30am there were about 15 people, and that included the band. By the end of the service at 11:30am, 20 people had showed up. Yet as I drove home I had this incredible feeling that the vision God had for Generation Church was starting to form.

Our first preview service was full of people from other churches, people whose lives had already been changed by the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. Now on August 22nd these church people had gone back to their churches and all that was left was our core team (about 12 at the time, of which 4 were on vacation) and a few people who otherwise would not be in church that day. After talking with some of these folks, I discovered that God had deeply impacted their lives that day and that is when I realized that God was really in this thing and Generation Church was not an Alex Penduck fantasy, but a plan God had devised before this world was ever formed and we had the privilege to be part of it!

If God has spoken something to you, do not be dismayed, disgruntled or question him, if he has said it, it will come to pass! It may not look like what you imagined, it may not start out how you thought, but it will happen and the way it happens will be exactly how God had planned!