Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Identifying A Leader – Part 1

One of the hardest tasks I have to do as a lead Pastor is to make sure I have good leaders around me who will be able create, lead, serve and oversee different areas of the church so that we can become a church that grows, multiplies and most importantly becomes effective for the kingdom of God.

Being a new church this can be even more difficult. In all honesty you just want warm bodies in positions and roles so that all that is needed gets done. However, this may be fine for the first couple of months, but very soon you are going to have to replace those warm bodies with people who can take that area of ministry to another level, and this involves recruiting leaders.

The main problem I find with recruiting leaders is that there are many people who claim they can lead, many who are interested and many who have all the right skills, but so often they fall flat and get in over their heads because they really are not ready to be in that leadership role. This not only causes frustration to the individual and they feel like no-one cares, but it also causes frustration to the Pastor, other leaders and ultimately hurts the church. So the task of raising up leaders is so critical to the life of a church.

Therefore, I have four character traits I look at even before approaching someone about a possible leadership role, and these are:

1. Availability

I ask the question how available are they? Are they a person who never has time for anything? Are they a person who will make themselves available or will often have reasons for not being free? While we live in such a busy world, and people’s schedules are always full, there are people who will make themselves available. These are the people who you need on your team. They will make your life so much easier and one word of advice, don’t take people at their word that they are available, look at their lifestyles, their friendships and their work commitments; this will really tell you if they are available.

2. Reliability

 If there is one thing above anything else I can’t stand in this world it is something or someone who is not reliable. Whether it’s a car, a computer, an organization or a person, I value reliability highly. Unreliable people will annoy a leader and also kill a church! If you find a leader who is reliable, wrap them in cotton wool and don’t let them out of your sight because they are the people to not only build a church on, but also people who will make a difference.

I’ll share the final two on Wednesday. But how about you, what type of character traits do you look for in a leader, employee, friends, partner?