Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

The Perfect Storm – Part 1

Have you ever come face to face with a perfect storm?

You know the type of storm, the one where all the conditions point in one direction and there is no getting out of it. The type of storm that comes once in a blue moon, but when it comes, it sure does leave you holding on for your dear lives.

Sometimes our lives may go through one of these storms and when it does there are three ways we can handle it, but only one will make sure you survive it!

This week I will be taking a look at these three choices, today will be number one & two:

1. You can fight it!

There are some people who are natural fighters. They fight their way through life. They fight to get out of debt, they fight to become healthy, they fight to keep their family together, and they fight to climb the career path. While this is a noble character trait, and it many situations in life will help them succeed, when it comes to that perfect storm fighting will only make worse.

You see fighting something is fine if you are able to beat it, but when that mega storm hits your life; all your fight will be in vain, for the storm is bigger and more powerful than you and no amount of fighting stop it. In fact the more you fight the more worn out you will become and eventually it won’t be the storm that will destroy you, but the fight that the storm causes.

2. You can bury your head in the sand! 

Some people cannot handle problems very well. I have seen those people many times. They are motivated, full of life, full of energy, then suddenly a storm hits and they disappear! They bunker down and just either pretend that there is no storm or hope the storm will pass. 

The problem with this is that while the storm will pass, they may not be alive to see it pass. When a life storm comes your way, burying your head in the sand does one thing. It causes you to not be ready for the hits the storm will throw at you. So you’ll take one hit after another and eventually you’ll be so beat up from the storm that even though it will pass, it would have caused enough damage to enable that you suffer for a long time.

On Wednesday I will be writing about the best way to handle life when a perfect storm hits.