Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

The Perfect Storm – Part 2

This week I have been blogging about what to do when the perfect storm comes in your life. There are three positions you can take, but only one will enable you survive the storm. Position 1 & 2 you can see here, but today it all about how the successfully negotiate that storm, so here is position number 3:

3. Ride the storm!

When a perfect storm comes your way there is only one approach you can take that will enable you live through it to tell your story and that is to ride the storm. By riding the storm I mean go along with the storms flow. It the storm is blow to the left, steer to the left, if to the right, steer to the right.

I am an avid golfer. Coming from England I understand what it takes to play golf in adverse weather. When the wind blows there are two thoughts that must be in your head at you play each shot, swing slower and play with the wind, not against the wind. The hard you swing in the wind the further your ball goes off course, the more you play against the wind the less your ball makes progress. So use the wind for your advantage.

The same goes in life. Roll with the waves, sail with the wind. When the storm passes you may be a little of course, but you will have survived and be in the shape you need to get back on course.

This past week, Generation Church went through a mini storm. By Friday it was clear our worship team was going to be depleted to just a drummer and electric guitar player. No vocals, no lead! Sickness & vacation had hit our team. While you can plan for vacation, you can’t plan for sudden sickness. We had three choices, fight it, ignore it or ride it! We decided to ride it! It wasn’t easy, but Sunday morning came and we had a full worship set, our worship leader Raquel (my wife) made a miracle recovery and we had a great worship set. We made contingency plans, but we didn’t fight it, we rode it, and the result was a miracle, literally a miracle! I’m sure if we had tried to fight it we probably would have failed, if we had ignored it, there would not have been a miracle, but we rode it, listened to God and let the storm take us where it needed to go, the result, a miracle!

So if you are going through a storm in your life, don’t swim against the waves, don’t let the waves roll over your head, but surf those waves and show that storm it will not break you, but you will tame it!