Monthly Archives: February 2011

Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayer

We are currently towards the end of a series at Generation Church called ‘Good Ole Abe’. This series centers on the great patriarch Abraham.

Throughout the life of Abraham we see so many ups and downs. Yet one of the biggest lows for Abraham was a prayer that went unanswered year after year. On Sunday we dealt with the subject of why God isn’t answering some of our prayers. For Abraham it was the prayer of a son. Maybe for you it is the prayer of a loved one who has run away from God. Maybe it is a prayer for healing to a broken marriage. Some may pray for a better job or career. Others it may be a prayer to overcome depression or anxiety. Whatever you prayer today, there are just some that seem to go unanswered. However, just because you do not have an answer today does not mean God is not listening, and it does not mean he is saying no.

Below is a video of our talk on Sunday, I hope it brings some clarity and freedom to your prayer struggle.