Monthly Archives: April 2011

30 Days of Prayer: Day 28 – Endurance

Time is ticking down and only two days till the launch of Generation Church as a “theater church” Things have been very busy making preparations. Yesterday was Day 28 and it was quite ironic because we were praying for people’s endurance. The reason it was ironic is because we were distributing a few thousand door hanger invites to our local community. It was hot, I was fasting and my feet started to blister! Endurance was the word for the day and we finished what we planned on doing.

The thing about endurance is that it is only needed when life gets hard. Relationships need endurance and our faith needs endurance. There are times that we just want to give up because either things don’t go the way we want it to or because it just gets to difficult.

My prayer for people who come into contact with Generation Church is that they will gain a Godly endurance that will see them through the toughest of circumstances. It was the old patriarch Job who was known as a man who endured. He went through early hell and still stayed faithful to God.

The great thing about endurance is that if we discover it and hold on to it, there will come a day when we will break through the pain and life will become so rewarding!

Generation Church keep enduring till the end in your faith, in your relationships, in your commitment! There are incredible days ahead for you!


30 Days of Prayer: Day 27 – Discomfort

Everyone likes to feel comfortable, right? I know I do. However, anyone who has done anything worth while knew that settling into a comfort zone for a long period of time always resulted in failure.

When we started Generation Church there was a God sized discomfort that came over Raquel & I. What ever we did we just couldn’t get comfortable. It was this discomfort that God used to plant Generation Church. At the beginning of this year I felt this discomfort again. This time I recognized immediately that God was up to something, this has led us into our location change and our Grand Opening as a “Theater Church” on Sunday.

I’ve discovered something very usual in my life; the more discomfort I feel the more I’m pushed to walk in the path and plan God has designed for my life.

For Generation Church, moving into a movie theater from a school was a discomfort. We had become comfortable with our surroundings, yet if we had continued in that comfort we would have ending up failing at the very thing Generation Church was created to do, reach people who are far from God.

My prayer for today is that God would make us all feel uncomfortable to the point where we are moved to action to reach people far from God.

30 Days of Prayer: Day 17 – Spiritual Growth

I think one of the hardest things to judge in any church is whether the people of the church are actually growing spiritually.

I’ve been part of large churches, small churches, gowing churches and declining churches, making a sound judgment whether people are actually growing and developing in their walk with God is no easy task.

Some do it by baptisms, involvement in small groups, tithing, volunteering or even the number of people feeling a call to ministry.

At the end of the day spiritual growth is none of these, yes they may play a part, but it is people developing to be more like Jesus Christ each and every day.

I have realized that I can push people into a growth track, but real growth occurs when there is no pushing, no pursuading or no gimmicks. When people are growing spiritually something happens within them that they lead themselves to a deeper understanding of God.

My prayer for Generation Church is that we will be able to create an environment where people find an opportunity to encounter God and find a path to spiritual growth. A church where the people do not grow becomes a church that does more harm than good.

Generation Church, let us never stop seeking and searching for more of God or to be more like his son, Jesus Christ!