Monthly Archives: June 2013

There’s A Fire In My Bones!

We are in one of those God defining moments in the life of our church. It’s a Jordan River experience where we are standing on the edge of the river and looking forward to the promises God has planned for us, but it will take getting our feet wet! In fact a door has opened where we can cross this river of opportunity but we are praying through whether this is the right opportunity.

It is in times like this you want God to shout loud, but He often chooses to stay silent. Why? Because that is faith! That is what trust, believing and walking in faith is all about. Jesus wants our hearts, and so often the way we give Him our undivided attention is through those crossroads of life. On one side we are excited for the opportunities that may be before us, but on the other side we want to make sure it is God, because if it isn’t it’s more than likely going to fail.

So the last few weeks have been a little stressful. Do you take the step forward, or do you be patient and wait? That’s the question I’ve been churning over for our church! So my prayer has been God speak! When we pray that prayer I believe God always answers and does speak. However, He doesn’t always give a direct answer to what we want! As I was reading Jeremiah 20 today in my bible reading plan, verse nine jumped off the page to me, “His word burns in your heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones”.

I do have a fire in my bones. God’s plan for my life is to declare His word, His grace, His love, His forgiveness and His gospel. That word burns through me. So when I get to the crossroads of life, what does it matter if I take the left turn or the right turn, as long as that fire burns I am to do the will of the Father, declare His word. As a church, God has given us a vision to help make the bride of Christ beautiful again so that a world lost in sin will turn their heads towards a church and find Christ there. That’s the fire in the bones of Generation Church. As long as we have that fire, what does it matter if we take the left or the right turn?

If you have decisions to make the key is to keep your eyes on the prize, your purpose, your destiny then it will be very hard to make a wrong turn on this journey of life!