My Response to Homosexuality, Sin & Duck Dynasty

This whole Duck Dynasty controversy has got me thinking. For the last two days facebook and twitter have blown up, the lines have been drawn and you either stand with Phil Robertson or against him.

It’s got me thinking because I am honestly confused biblically about how to approach the subject of sin! I’ve seen hateful comments about gays and about Christians over the last few days and it leaves me cringing about how unfiltered people are. Do people want to just vent and let others know their view or do they want to make a difference. Christians who tell gays they are going to hell, just want to let others know their view, because they are certainly not making a difference! Yet Christians who say it is ok to act on homosexual feelings because that is who you are, are equally as much “non-difference makers” as the bashers!

This is the deal, I’m a Christ follower, a bible believer, so there is no choice in it, I have to believe homosexuality is a sin. Like it or not, feel their pain or not, want to help the oppressed or not, if you believe in the bible, if you claim to have died to self and been raised with Christ then you have to believe that homosexuality is sinful! I can hear all the gay bashers out there agreeing and saying, “Preach it!” However, if I am a bible believer, a Christ follower, then I have to believe that lying is equally as bad, that adultery is as disgusting in the eyes of God as sodomy! I have to believe that the fact I’d rather stuff my face with unhealthy food than take care of my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit is just as disappointing in God’s eyes.

The days I fail to take up my cross and follow Jesus, the times that sports has become more of a god to me than the One True God all show that I am a sinner saved by His awesome grace and I need that grace every single day of my life.

Why is it that I feel grossed out by seeing a homosexual act on TV, but watching someone cheat on their spouse or take a life in a movie doesn’t phase me? Why is it that we get so mad with the media for championing the homosexual lifestyle but we say nothing when for years they have been saying to young people, “sleep around, drink, take drugs, have pre-martial sex”.? Why? Because we can identify with those sins, we struggle with those sins. I can’t identify with the homosexual because that’s not my weakness. 

So this is where I’m confused. I hear many Christians saying that we shouldn’t judge but we should show love. Yes we have not come to judge (although it is biblical to judge Christians and the church!) those who are not Christ followers. One day they will be judged, but by the great Judge, the Lord himself. Yet, when I read the prophets of old, they did speak up against the sins of the nations. Ezekiel spoke against the sins of Egypt, Jeremiah the sins of Babylon, Elijah the sins of King Ahab, Nathan the sins of David, Samuel the sins of Saul, Isaiah the sins of Israel, Paul the sins of Asia Minor and so on and so on.

I feel that instead of calling out one sin over the other that Pastors like myself; that members of the church of Jesus Christ should instead be coming together, on our knees and calling out to God for forgiveness, repenting for our apathy and sins. I don’t feel Jesus’ response to all of this would be to bash the media, nor would it be to be all lovey dovey about it (Did you hear some of the things Jesus said to people? The PC police would have had a field day with Him). Instead Jesus would have got in the face of His followers and said pray! Go tell the world with the power I have given you! Don’t be afraid for I am with you!

I’m stil confused about how to respond to all this, but I think the first move should be to look in at my heart before I speak out about another.


6 responses to “My Response to Homosexuality, Sin & Duck Dynasty

  • Walt

    Alex, very well written and I agree with your comments . . .

  • Matthew

    Very well written, makes sense.

  • Hmmm....

    An interesting post. I guess the intention is to be kind and compassionate, to be considered and self-judging first, and this is commendable. However, it falls apart when saying “I’m a Bible believer so I have no choice but to believe homosexuality is a sin…” Though going on to comment on all sins being equal, the real issue of what this statement means is missed. Believing the Bible doesn’t mean every sentiment in there passed off as God-ordained is actually right. If this was so then one could easily interpret the Bible as showing that God can sanction and approve rape, child abuse and genocide to name a few. My point is not to go into anything other than hi-light that we all draw the interpretation line (often excusing uncomfortable Bible stories as socially and culturally different) based on prejudice. This is why many people would argue that saying the Bible doesn’t really mean homosexuality is wrong is just like saying the Bible doesn’t really mean it is ok to beat children at the city walls, or slaughter a race of people, or use rape as a punishment, or…..

    • alexpenduck

      Thanks for your comment. This is the argument that many people inside and outside Christianity have used for the argument for homosexuality that maybe God isn’t really against it and it is a culutral thing. The problem with that argument is that it has no theological basis and is a sign of the times where people are moving away from the 2000 year old truths that have held together the Christian church. Jesus warned against this type of thinking as did Paul. If the bible had given just one cultural reference in the Old Testament against homosexuality i could see your point but it isn’t just an old testament issue it is a new testament thing as well. Not one cam argue against Paul’s writings in Romans 1. A person who believes in the inherent infallible word of God that us the bible has not choice but to say that homosexuality is a sin. If they don’t believe that all scripture is God inspired then we will never agree

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