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Pursuing God

I have just finished reading ‘The Pursuit of God’ by AW Tozer, and to say it rocked my world would be an understatement!

It’s one of those old books which aren’t always easy to understand, put there was just something about it that I could put it down.

In a world where people are constantly on the pursuit for something I honestly believe we forget to pursue God. I think of church leaders for example; we pursue the next big thing, we pursue multi site, church growth, leadership, creativity, church planting, the best show in town, small groups, social justice, youth ministry, kids ministry, direct mail, big events and so many others things. In fact whatever you want to pursue there’s a conference or a network you can attend to help you in your pursuit.

However, how many of us are really pursuing God? How many of us lie in bed at night wondering how we can get closer to God or increase our intimacy of God? How many of us wake up in the morning realizing that before we can achieve we must search? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself.

The church seems to be getting bigger, our effects seem to be successful and our models seem to be working, but at what cost?

If our number one pursuit isn’t a personal yearning and longing for the one we call Yahweh then all our effcets may bring ‘success’ here on earth, but we may find they just rang as loud noisy empty cymbols in heaven.

Lord, help me to be a man who before I do anything else learns how to pursue you. Let you word, your character, your statutes and your truth be my number one aim. Not fame, not recognition, not success or anything else this world pushes us to pursue, but let my life’s pursuit be you! As the deer yearns after the water when it’s thirsty, let my soul sing a song of never ending pursuit of you. Amen.


Are You Listening?

Reading a Bible can have many effects on differing people.

For one the effect of boredom, another the effect of remembering a story they heard as a child in Sunday School. Others may feel the effect of affirming their theology or the guilt of their lifestyle.

However, the longer I am on this journey of faith the more the Bible has become important. That’s an obvious statement for most Christians because they see the Bible as almost a Playbook or a map to helping them with their lives. Yet the Bible has become more than a map or guide to life for me. It’s become the place that I have started to listen!

When I was a baby believer I would read the Bible then put it down and get on with my life, and to be honest I struggled to find it relevant for my life. Now things are different, now I listen. As I read I have become aware that the bible is the truth of God and it always points to the voice of God. In fact Jesus has a name that the Apostle John called The Word and the truth of God tells us that The Word is alive and active. This must mean that for a word to be alive it is still speaking.

So now when I open my Bible I read a little and listen a lot. I realize The Word wants to be alive and active in my life.

So next time you open the good ole book don’t just read it, listen to it, you’ll hear something and that something will change your life forever!

Words of Truth

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10

Words can be very shallow at times. We see people going through problems and difficulties and often have words of advice. Remember the patriarch Job, his friends had some very shallow unhealthy advice for him. Think back to the last time someone was going through something and you tried to give words of advice. Were they words that fell on deaf ears? Were they words that were not true? Were they words that would edify?

So often we give words that we think are right to say. Don’t fear, don’t panic, trust in God, just pray, have faith, give more, have patience. However, unless we are going through what the other person is going through it is very hard to know just what to say. It is difficult to feel what they are feeling and our words can very often sound shallow. However, there is a promise in the bible from God. It is a promise to not fear, to not be anxious. These words are not shallow, they are not distant words from a God who just tells people to pull it together. They are in fact words from a God who has positioned himself to go through that pain or trial with you. He said that He is with us. That means he is walking beside us, feeling our pain, understanding our heartbreak. It means that God unlike most others understands exactly what you are feeling.

So when God tells us to not fear, not to be anxious, to be patience, to give more, not to panic, have faith and trust in God, it is not from someone who doesn’t understand, but it is from someone who has been there, done that and is living through it with you. He knows how hard that situation may be, but He also knows that there is no situation that is too big for him. Why? Because He is near, experiencing it, He has first hand knowledge of your entire situation and knows this is something to not fear about!