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The Speaking Designer

The Lord called me before my birth; from within the womb he called me by name. Isaiah 49:1

One of the biggest differences between God and the human is in the ability of the Almighty to be able to speak things into existance as if they were whereas us humans speak out of what we physically see.

God the Creator called out for light and immediately light appeared. Just think about this for a moment. Light had never existed before. There was no previous template to follow, no markers to give instruction, just a voice. Yet this voice was the voice of God. Behind this voice was not only the power of a sovereign God, but the detailed plan of the ultimate designer. Light was just a part of a bigger design.

So when God called Isaiah, it wasn’t out of Isaiah’s achievements, it wasn’t out of Isaiah’s past performance. It wasn’t even because Isaiah was a great man of faith. No, it was because Isaiah had been created to be part of God’s greater plan. Just as God spoke light into existance so he also spoke Isaiah’s calling to be a prophet into existence.

The incredible thing about God is that he didn’t just stop with light nor with a man named Isaiah, but God is still speaking! When he speaks he calls nothing into something and that something is always astounding.

You may feel like a nobody or what you are doing week in week out is achieving nothing, but what you may not know is that God had a plan and you have a place within that plan. Your place was spoken into existence even before you were aware and that place is part of something that is great.

Don’t fight what God has already spoken, allow the great Creator to shape and mold His incredible design.


A Real Birthday To Celebrate

This week was my birthday. In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter and Text Messages it is overwhelming the amount of Birthday wishes you can receive.

While it is nice to feel loved and blessed by so many I have never been a big birthday guy. However, while I don’t celebrate my physical birthday too much, there is another birthday I do think is worth celebrating.

This week I had another birthday. 24 years ago I gave my life back to Jesus Christ and my life was forever changed as I became born again. From that moment on I had a new type of life, the life of Christ living within me. That same night I received what many call the baptism of the Holy Spirit where something unique happened to me and I received an in-filling of what can only be described as an overwhelming sense of Gods spirit that has never left me.

16 years ago on the same day I heard a voice that can only be described as the voice of God asking me to set my life aside and partner with him as a minister of the Gospel. I accepted the challenge and today I am living the very life He called me to back in 1995.

Physical birthdays are nice, but spiritual birthdays are really worth celebrating. What good is a physical birthday if you have never been born again?

I’m thankful for the life change that happened in me, and for the life change we are seeing in others.

Has your life been changed?

Big Ask Prayers

I have a little journal I use to keep quotes, bible verses and any words I feel God speaks to me in.

From time to time my wife will write a quote or verse in there as well. So sometimes I open it and find things in there I have never seen before. That was the case this morning.

In my morning devotion I was praying what I call a ‘big ask’ prayer. I said ASK not the other word you may have thought I wrote!

These big ask prayers are ones that I believe only God can answer and fulfill. They are the type of prayers that need divine intervention. As I picked up my journal I noticed something my wife had written in there that I had missed previously. She wrote, ‘the type of prayers you pray demonstrate your faith in the ability of the God you are praying to’.

I read this and the thought came to me, ‘you’re not praying big enough prayers!’ Yes I may have been praying for something past my control and ability, but if I believe God is who I say he is, then my prayers should be way bigger and beyond what so often I petition God for.

If the sun can stand still, if time can stop, if seas can split in half, if rivers can dry up, if giants can fall and if the dead can be raised to life all at the very command of my God, then he can answer some ‘big ask’ prayers of mind!

I wonder how many times God withholds answering our prayers because he is waiting for us to pray bigger bolder prayers?