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Hey There…Jehovah Sabaoth

When we think of the great generals and leaders of armies throughout history we think of how often Hollywood has depicted them.

Normally older men who talk battle strategy with their other generals. Then they devise a battle plan which will be communicated with the troops. The generals will then watch from afar and not actually be the ones doing the fighting.

There is a word that is used many times throughout the Bible to describe God, this word is Jehovah Sabaoth. Jehovah Sabaoth can be translated as meaning the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Heavens Armies. This means that God is the general in charge of a whole host of armies. One day only heaven will tell how large the armies of heaven actually are, but my guess is that they are bigger than any scene out of Lord of the Rings can muster.

The difference between Jehovah Sabaoth and the leader of earths armies though is that while both have a plan, and both say the word and their armies follow them; only Jehovah Sabaoth will actually lead His army out into battle. God doesn’t sit on a hill in the distance watching the battle, no Jehovah Sabaoth is on the front lines fighting for you.

I don’t know what battle you are facing today, but I do know that when you pray the armies of heaven are mobilized to fight for you. As you lift up that prayer unto God, Jehovah Sabaoth places himself on the front line with a strategy and plan and will fight for you!

The Bible tells us that the battle is the Lords. So as you pray, rest assured that the battle is being won in your favor!


Hey There…Jehovah Shalom

There is a disease that has spread so fast and so wide throughout the world that it is a bigger destroyer of lives than Aids and Cancer combined.

This disease will only actually end your life in extreme circumstances but it will always destroy your life in the smallest dose. It follows you whether you are young or old, heathly or unheathly, rich or poor, whether you have the best medical insurance or none at all. This disease will destroy your quality of life, it will eat away at your relationships, consume your thoughts and it creates physical sickness.

This isn’t some disease that can be treated with a drug, even though many take drugs for it, no there is only one solution to this disease. The only remedy is Jehovah Shalom, the God of Peace. For throughout the Bible we find that God comforts his people time and time again by reminding them that He is the Lord who will give them peace.

It was Paul who wrote to the Philippian Church stating that you must pray and trust in God, then the Peace of God, which no man can understand will surround and protect your heart and mind through your faith in Christ Jesus.

The disease I am talking about is anxiety. The experiencing of worry and fear.

Are you anxious today? Is worry consuming your thoughts? Has fear paralyzed you? If, so then pray! Pray to Jehovah Shalom for He is your solution. Peace is the only remedy to anxiety, and Jehovah Shalom has it to give in abundance.

Jesus once asked if anyone was anxious; his words of wisdom was trust in God. So today, as you pray, pray and trust, you’ll be amazed at how quick the antidote to anxiety kicks in.

Hey There…Omnipotent One

Every thing in this world has limits. There are speed limits, pressure limits, border limits, withdrawal limits, limits of authority, you name it and it has got some type of limit.

Just imagine for a moment though if there were no limits in your life. Imagine if you could do what you wanted to do and there was no limit to your potential. What if you could go on a spending spree with no limits or go to the cheesecake factory with no limit to how much cheesecake your body could eat. What if you could go on vacation with no limit to the amount of days you could take, or go to the gym with no limit to how long your body could last on the treadmill?

Probably a difficult task to imagine those things. Why? Because we live in a world of limits. If there was no such thing as limits our world would be in chaos because we would not be able to cope without limits.

However, what if I told you there is a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine, in fact there is no limit to His love? What if I told you there is a God who has more intelligence than all the computers in this world combined, in fact if there is no limit to His intelligence? What if I told you there is a God who has more compassion than the Red Cross, World Vision and Compassion International put together, in fact there is no limit to His compassion? What if I told you there is a God who has more strength and power than all the energy in the stars in the Milky Way could ever generate, in fact there is no limit to his strength & power?

The bible tells us that the God of Heaven is also the Lord of our lives, and this Lord is the Omnipotent One! This means the God who is all powerful, or the God who is LIMITLESS! 

That is your God, limitless! While we live in a world of limits, he works at a different level that has no limits. So when you pray today, you are not praying to a God who is limited. No, you are praying to the eternal one who has no boundaries! Whatever your prayer maybe, it is not past the limits of God’s authority, it is not past the limits of God’s love, it is not past the limits of God’s compassion and it certainly is not past the limits of God’s power!

For He is the Omnipotent One!