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I Love My Church – Here’s Why (Part 2)

There are many reasons to be part of a church. Being the Pastor of Generation Church would make you think I have to part of the church, right? Well partly yes, but it is easy go to church, even work at a church or have the title of a leader in the church without being a part of the church! I can honestly say I LOVE my church because I have discovered what it means to actually be part of the church! It means I am not the leader, just someone with the privilege to serve others within the church. It means that my needs are not central, but the needs of others are. It means that I don’t have all the answers, but collectively we have the answer. It means you’ve discovered you can’t be a disciple of Jesus Christ without diving into community with others who are part of the church!

In 2012 I discovered that I LOVE my church and realized the biggest gift God gave us after himself (and all what that means) is other people to share experiences with. We have grown in 2012 because we have decided to except that personality is a gift from God, that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, all of us are a little weird and geeky at times and no-one is better than someone else. This is why I love my church and 2012 has shown we love to spend time together through:

1 Pancake Breakfast

1 Superbowl party

1 Night of bowling (which I won! Brits rule!!!)

1 Trip to Camden Yards

1 Spring Picnic

1 Huge Water Balloon Fight

1 Never ending game of kickball

1 Big Summer Celebration

1 Visit to the Maryland Renn Festival

1 Trip to WashingtonDC

Lots and Lots and Lots of Prayer nights

Many small group gatherings

Countless of hours of chatting away in a Movie Theater parking lot

Hundreds of meals shared together


1 church which loves authentic real community and embraces Acts 2:44


I Love My Church – Here’s Why (Part 1)

We may not be the biggest church in the world, we may not be the best at marketing in the world, we certainly don’t tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter every time we have an event or reach out to someone in need. We decided not to seek to be cool and we discovered that God’s plan for us meant we had to discover (and are still discovering) our own identity which He wanted us to embrace despite it being a lot easier to just follow what others were doing. We’ve grown being organic and discovered that the only real way to do church is to embrace the messiness of community.

To those on the outside we don’t have a building, we don’t have paid staff nor do we have an uncontrollable amount ministries (thank the Lord!) so we’re not a “success” right? I think not! I’ve discovered throughout 2012 that I truly love the church I am part of! It’s called Generation Church and I believe its real church! It’s a place I feel I belong and also a community of people who are embracing a lifestyle that Jesus is proud of! Are we perfect? No! Are we passionate? Yes! Are becoming better disciples? Absolutely, and here’s why:

In 2012:

250 Homeless were fed

100 Homeless were clothed

1 Homeless shelter was cleaned

1 Stinky neighborhood pond was cleaned! Twice!

250 Bouquets of flowers were given away with one string attached – At the end a card that said Happy Mothers Day

1 Glow in the dark Egg Hunt

75 Backpacks full of supplies given to kids in need

1 Family helped to be relocated

Tons of supplies given to the boys and girls clubs of Harford County

Tons of volunteers helping at local outreaches

47 Turkeys and 44 thanksgiving meals given to families in need who we didn’t even personally know

2 Families had all their Christmas gifts given to them

Help sponsor many adoptions

Helped donate essential supplies to a community devastated by a Hurricane

And many more things to come…

Why do I love my church? Because we are a community of people who have decided we are going to passionately embrace Matthew 5:16!

What You Need In Your Leaders

We have just been through a season at GenerationChurchwhere we were full steam in action. Moving locations in the midst of the Easter season while rewarding was no less than hectic.

My blog took a back seat as others things had to take priority, but blogging is something I love and helps me as a leader and follow of Jesus Christ as much as anyone who reads this blog. So here we go, back in the swing of things.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the people I need around me so that as a church we can be everything God has designed us to be. I think the biggest headaches and anxieties a leader has, concerns the leaders around him or her. In a perfect world the team you have around you will all get on. They will have your back and you will have theirs. You will be able to be totally open and honest with them and they won’t think anything less than you. Everyone will work for the cause and there will be complete harmony!

Anyone who has lead leadership teams is probably saying, ‘in your dreams!’ Well, yes that is my dream. However, for that dream to happen, you have to have the right people around you, and you as a leader have to be prepared to invest time in those people.

I remember when we first planted our church; I believed the Lord gave me a word. He said, ‘surround yourself with people who believe in you and believe in what I have called you to do, one out of two isn’t good enough’. This word has come back to my mind over and over again. I have seen the people who are most effective have been the ones who believe in both me as a leader and the vision of where we are going. The people I have found myself hitting my head against the wall have been people who either didn’t completely believe in me but believed in what we were doing or believed in where we were going but still had questions about me.

When you have people who believe in both you & your vision, you have people who you will be able to dream with, laugh with, enjoy time with and most important lead your church or organization with.

Remember, one out of two isn’t good enough!