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How Do You Create Healthy Margin?

This week I have been blogging about the importance of creating margin in your life.

Margin is not just taking a time out, nor is it just having a day off each week. Margin is far more productive and more intentional than that.

From Wednesdays post we discovered that margin is creating time to plan, mend and reflect. This is time set aside to be intentional about making sure our lives are on tract.

Margin to each of us will look different. For some it will be taking 30 minutes at the beginning of the week to plan the next seven days. For others it will be to journal each day. Others will put different parts of their lives in a box and do not mix their boxes. Only you can know how to create margin in your life because we are all unique and each of us process the events of our lives in different ways.

The last month has been a period without margin for me. In all honesty I just scheduled too much stuff. Appointments ran into each other and I found myself dropping balls that I should not have to drop. The reason I lacked margin was because I didn’t plan my schedule. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but instead of sitting back and spending a few hours going through my schedule I just went from one appointment or engagement to the other.

This is where I just have total admiration for Jesus. What didn’t help Him was the fact that He had so much compassion for others that He wanted to help everyone who came His way. Yet he realized his margin was to go alone and spend time in prayer with the father. Even though the needs of people pressed heavy on Him, even though He was pulled in all directions and there wasn’t enough time on His hands, He still made margin time a priority. Jesus realized that with a time of prayer, all His other time would be productive and effective, without that time he would not have the energy or anointing to tackle life head on.

What do you need to do this week to start to create margin? I’m sure each of us could take a lesson out of the life of Jesus. Rest and prayer would work a treat, I guarantee it!


What Is Healthy Margin?

When I started school  in the early to mid 1980’s one of the first things we learned to do when we began to write was to draw a margin on our paper.

We would measure a couple of inches at the top and bottom to the left of the paper and draw a straight line down. The teacher would tell us that margins are important. There were two reasons we drew a margin. The first was to make sure everything was neatly in a straight line (that was about the only thing that was neat on my paper, my writing was and still is horrible!); the second was to be able to make notes or correct mistakes in the margin. These days we have computers to correct our mistakes, but back then we had to correct them in the margin.

As important as margins were back in elementary school, so personal margins are important in our lives today. So often we just tackle life head on without preparing for what we are going to be doing. Drawing a margin took no more than a minute, but it enabled the paper to be neat and also supplied a place to correct mistakes.

It only takes a short amount of time to create personal margin, yet it can create order in our lives and also a place to reflect and correct our mistakes. So often people forget to create healthy personal margin and their lives become cluttered and the different aspects of their lives start to run into each other.

I have found if I don’t create margin between the different parts of my life I start to stress, I start to let people down, I start to get overwhelmed, I start to break promises, I start to forget things and I start to go from problem to problem.

Basically margin is creating space in your life to plan, think, mend, enjoy and take a break from all the things that full our lives. Jesus was a man who created margin. Just ask the disciples who often found Jesus missing. He was not neglecting them, just drawing margins in His life so that when He was needed He was able to be fully engaged.

Try to create some margin in your life this week. I know your spouse, your kids, your friends, your employees and your peers will appreciate it.