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Rocks & Hard Places

Question: What do you do when you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Answer: Go straight through the middle

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in these situations. We seem to hit a rock or something hard every time we try to make progress. However, the path to success, freedom and destiny is often the path that is least traveled and that means you may have to squeeze right through that rock and hard place.

In the book of Exodus, chapter 14, we find Israel at this point. They have finally fled Egypt (the land of slavery) and are on their way to freedom when they hit a rock and a hard place. The Egyptian army are pursuing them faster than they can run and then they make what seems like a wrong turn and find themselves confronted by a huge sea. Most of the people started to complain and see only the rock of the Egyptian army and the hard place of the Red Sea. They got so negative that they started to say, ‘why did we come out here to die, we could have died in Egypt where they at least had graves to bury us in”.

At this point most of us think we know the story and Moses split the Red Sea in two. However, that isn’t what happened. God didn’t bring permanent relief until they started to trust him in that Rock/Hard Place moment. As the Egyptians came upon Israel, God caused a cloud of dust to block the path between them, then a huge fire separated them. It was at this point when they started to see God at work. The following events of this story result in the Red Sea splitting in two and Israel walked right through the middle, and the ground was dry.

You may be in the a place today where there is a rock on one side and a hard place another and you are crying out for God to split the Red Sea in your life. However, God may not be ready to split the Red Sea because maybe your not ready. Maybe God is desiring you to just chill for a moment and trust him fully. Maybe a cloud of dust or a pillar of fire is happening in your life which is confusing you, but look to God, this just might be his hand a work to buy you some time so that you can trust in him fully before your Red Sea miracle takes place.

God is at work, you have to trust him. You may not see it, you may only see the rock and the hard place, but God is there and he will protect you, so trust hm!


Lessons From Elementary School – Part 3

This week I’ve been sharing some funny stories about events that took place while I was in Elementary school. These stories helped me learn lessons that have stayed with me for a lifetime.

Today is the final part and just a quick disclaimer. Sorry if this story is a little crude or if it’s too much information, but the lesson has stuck with me.

Lesson Three

There was a guy named Sean who went to our elementary school who was very aggressive. He was a little bigger than everyone else and also a little stronger. To put it mildly, he was a bit of a bully. However, while many of the kids found themselves on the wrong end of a Sean beating, he actually treated me like a friend. I even went to his house from time to time to play video games (he had a Spectrum 128K Plus 2 after all, a little similar to the Commodore 64).

Most kids watched their back when Sean was around, not me, I didn’t feel threatened, so I didn’t feel the need. That was until one day. I remember sitting in class and the whole, I need the bathroom pretty quick feeling came over me. I raised my hand to ask the teacher if I could go (they didn’t always let us go to the bathroom during class). This time the teacher let me go, so I ran out of the room and went straight to the boy’s room. Now our bathrooms were pretty ugly. We had two stalls that the locks didn’t work and instead of a line of urinals we had what I can only describe as a pig troth. It was one big urinal designed for up to five or six guys to stand there doing their business at once.

So I ran into the bathroom and went straight to the pig troth. As I stood there doing what you do in a bathroom, Sean walked in. I said hi and carried on emptying my bladder. Then suddenly Sean comes right up behind me, totally unprovoked and pushes me forward. As he stood their laughing I had just pee’d over all my clothes and was dripping wet! I am just thankful on this day I remembered by PE Kit (check Part 2 of this blog to find out about PE Kits), because that is what I spent the rest of the day wearing. Oh, I always watched my back when Sean as around after that.

So what’s the lesson? I discovered that day how important it is to look at how people treat others when deciding if I can trust them. Some guy maybe as nice as pie to me, but if he tries to control his wife and those around, one day he’s going to try to control me. One woman may do me right, but if she is dishonest with other people, she will one day be dishonest with me.

You cannot use how someone treats you as a benchmark as to whether you can trust them, trust should only be given when you how a complete view of how they treat the other people in their lives. Imagine if David had done this exercise when he decided to trust King Saul? He probably would not have gone through all those years on the run as Israels most wanted!

So who are you trusting that you shouldn’t be? Just remember the way they treat others will eventually be the way they’ll treat you!