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Lessons From Elementary School – Part 1

This week I am going to blog about three lessons I learned at an early age in Elementary School (well it wasn’t actually Elementary School as there are no such things in England, but it was Primary School, but for clarity we’ll go with Elementary school). These three¬† lessons come from three different accounts that happened to me while growing up. I’ll be honest, they aren’t actions that make me look particularly good!

So here is lesson one:

I hated Tuesday mornings at school! Every morning we would have a 15 minute assembly. We would sing a very poor selection of songs, listen to some teacher yap on about something and then go off to class. However, Tuesday mornings were especially worse. After assembly, instead of going to class we would have to stay in the assembly hall for another 45 minutes having singing practice. The problem was that for the entire 45 minutes we would have to sit on the hard wood floor sitting cross-legged and you dare not move. By about 30 minutes my legs would have gone to sleep and all I wanted to do was stretch them out (only if you dared!!)

So I hated Tuesday mornings up until 4th grade. You see 4th & 5th graders had an opportunity to join the choir! If you joined the choir you did not have to sit cross-legged, but got to sit on benches at the back of the Assembly Hall. This was my chance to save my knees and my butt! So I tried out for the choir. Most people wanted to join the choir because they liked to sing, not me!

So the day of the audition came about, I couldn’t wait to sit on all those benches! The only problem was that I didn’t know I couldn’t sing! I had never practiced singing, nor did I really know the words. As I opened my mouth it must have been a horrifying sound of pre-puberty wailing!

Needless to say I didn’t get in and I had to spend the next two years in pain and also in shame!

So what was the lesson? Well the lesson was to make sure I did things with the right motive. I didn’t want to join the choir to sing, just to relieve the pain. I realized that if your motivates are not pure, then eventually it is not going to work out. There was a couple in the bible called Ananias & Sapphire who had the wrong motives and they died because of it. They sold a piece of property to give to the church, but kept some of it for himself. Their motive was not to please God, but to look good in the eyes of the church and also help themselves. So they died! Pretty crazy story, but it shows exactly what God thinks of people who have wrong motivates!

I’m glad I didn’t died for trying to join the choir, but I sure learned my lesson. Don’t do something unless your motives are pure!